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Community Art Studio of Skamania

EVERYONE is an artist! When we make art together, we change our world for the better, one creation at a time.

CASS Mobile Art is a large step van full of art supplies and crafting tools. The van makes regular stops in the communities of Skamania County and surrounding areas to provide FREE Art Kits, free art supplies, and a loaner library of crafting tools. We will also have occasional FREE Pop-Up art-making events and low-cost workshops set up at or near the van. We're also available for hire for birthday parties, office parties, team-building events, holiday gatherings, or any other gathering where you would like to do some creating.

CASS Mobile Art is part of Community Art Studio of Skamania, a community art studio that follows the ArtHive movement/model. Creating opportunities for dialogue, skill-sharing, and art-making between people of different socio-economic backgrounds, ages, cultures, and abilities. We see EVERYONE as an artist. We use mostly recycled, repurposed, thrifted, and donated supplies and provide most of those free to the community.

What is Cass?

Community Partners
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