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Kaitlyn Conrath

Kaitlyn is so excited to be a part of the Community Art Studio of Skamania! She is an avid photographer and craft enthusiast. As a kid, her mom and her friends would host craft nights. These would happen at their homes and each friend would take a turn teaching the others a craft. What always stuck with Kaitlyn was gathering with friends and trying something creative.

Years later when she moved to Stevenson, she signed up for some art gatherings at the Expressatory Community Art Studio. This is where she met Kim. Her classes were welcoming and comfortable. Your skill level was not important, and you were encouraged to try and explore. Anything in the studio was available to you in a safe place to create art and build friendships.

Later, Kaitlyn brought what she had learned to her mom in her care home for her family to craft with her mother. While she didn’t fully understand the process, the whole family was able to create something and have a great day.

Kaitlyn strongly believes that art is something everyone should have access to. It helps relieve stress and anxiety, builds creativity, and creates connections in our community.

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